ABOUT Bushido Designs

Since 1990 I've been screen printing antique Ukiyoe woodblock prints on USA made t-shirts and selling them at Japanese Matsuri (festivals) all over the US, online, and at a couple of the Japanese Antique Sword Shows including Tampa, FL in Feb. and San Francisco in August. To go along with the T-shirts I also sell authentic antique Japanese swords and repro swords, bokken, and other wooden weapons.

Hawthorne Cutlery is my knife store located in Portland, Oregon. Besides all the t-shirts and swords that I take to festivals, in the store I mainly sell knives of all kinds. I try to limit the amount of cheapo Chinese knives but they are included in my selection of folding pocket knives, fixed blades of all types and brands, custom hand-made knives, automatics, and of course, kitchen cutlery.   We also offer a terrific sharpening service and charge only $5 per knife. If you're from out-of-town I'll be happy to ship your purchases so the TSA doesn't take them from you. And....if you can't find a good sharpener in your town you can send the knives to us, we'll sharpen them and send 'em back. 

3208 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214

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